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Innovation Management & Technology Research Consultancy Company

We specialize in Technology, IP and Market Research.
We serve Corporates, Law-firms, Research Institutes, Universities, Inventors, Investors, Licensing Firms, etc.

Our experience and domain knowledge enable us to assist our clients in maximizing their Return on Investments through Innovation Management and Monetization, finding Licensing In/Out opportunities, Product Commercialization, White-Space Analysis, etc. 


Services Offerings

Innovation and IP Management Services

Our clients benefit from our services which enables them to make the most out of their IP assets.


(In)Validity Search
Infringement Analysis
EoU Claim-Chart Mapping

IP Due Diligence
Patent Portfolio Analysis
Finding Licensing Opportunities

Patentability/Novelty Search
Knockout Search
Patent Drafting (Provisional | Non-Provisional) and OAR Drafting

FTO aka Clearance Search
White-Space Analysis
Product to Patent Mapping
Market Research

Technology Scouting
Taxonomy Classification
Patent Bucketing and Ranking
Competitive Intelligence

Landscape Analysis
Patent Monitoring
Technology/Patent Watch
Custom Search


The landscape study is extremely helpful specially the Market Impact part. We can also use it to increase our customer base. Thanks.
R&D Director
Europe based Semiconductor Company
You were able to find results which my regular vendor had missed in their search. I'll definitely come back to you with more prior-art searches.
I like the format, as well.
Head of IP | Patent Attorney
Europe based Biopharma Company
Thanks a lot for the results in such a short period of time. Search report is satisfactory. No complaints.
Partner | Patent Attorney
Europe based Law-Firm

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